EP HOA Meeting Minutes - August 25th, 2021

Members Present: Matt Jordan, Joel Kangiser, Shena Mouring, Patrea Fernandez

Meeting Minutes: 8:20pm - The EP HOA Board elects Joel Kangiser as Board president. Patrea nominated Joel as president, and all were in favor.

Kari Myron's tree removal is approved by the board if it is approved by the city. The arborist has recommended several trees be removed due to a disease. Shena motioned and all were in favor.

Thank you to Joel, Eric Swanson and Efrain for trimming the trees and removing the branches near the community lodge.

8:25pm — After discussion and consideration of other management companies, and the needs of the Association, the EP HOA Board has decided to hire MyHOA-Online.com as our new management company. We may have a one-month carry over where both NWP and MyHOA are under contract. Joel has the approval to sign the contract with MyHoA. Shena moved for the nomination for MyHOA to be our HOA manager, and all were in favor.

To Do:

Announce to NWP Meeting on September 28 - notify community before Have Eydie attend our meeting instead of NWP

Announce to the community at the annual meeting

Write a letter to the community. Adjourned 9:28PM