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plus BOD meeting minutes immediate following

Tuesday — September 28, 2021 — 7:00pm —CLUBHOUSE


Introduction of Board Members 

o    Joel Kangiser, President

o    Matt Jordan, Treasurer

o    Patrea Fernandez, Secretary 

o    Shena Mouring, Board Member at Large

o    Vernita Whitmore, Board Member at Large



  1. Call to order and approval of minutes
  2. Board Report: issues, activities and accomplishments 
    1. Lodge
    2. RV storage lot
    3. Teams
    4. Rule making
    5. Other
  1. Contract and consultation presentation 
  2. Treasurer’s Report and 2022 Budget
  3. Elections
  4. Unfinished business: review of suggestions from last annual meeting
  5. New Business
  6. Comments and questions from Association Members 



The following summarizes the conversations of those in attendance during the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Eagle Point at American Lake HOA. Members present (including proxies) 28

Board Members Present: Joel Kangiser, Patrea Fernandez, Matt Jordan, Shena Mouring, Vernita Whitmore

Call to Order and Approval of Minutes of the 2021 Annual Meeting - All present approved. Ratification was suggested, however, we did not have a quorum in our 2020 annual meeting, therefore, it was considered a town hall meeting and we do not need a quorum at this meeting to vote on its ratification.


Board Report Year in Review: Presented by Jean Kangiser

Eagle Point Mission and Vision: 

Create a safe and friendly environment for residents and guests in the community while maintaining the beauty of our landscape, protecting the property value of all our homeowners, and ensuring the governing of our community by a majority of the residents.

Team leaders:

We are gaining a lot of forward movement with leadership.  18 to 20 homes represented on teams (out of 54). Let’s continue to increase this number to make our community one that we love and feel responsible for. 

EP HOA Teams Vice President: Jean Kangiser

  • Lodge & Hospitality Teams: 
    • Reservation Team: Jean Kangiser, Susan Dunnigan, Zenda McKenzie, Lynette Hansen
    • Christmas Special Events: Shena Mourning, Renee Swanson, Penny Maples
    • Landscaping Team: Mike Wagers & Roberta Fearn
    • RV/Boat Parking Area Team:  Joel Kangiser, Ed Bowden
    • Security/Front Gate Team: Rodney Whitmore
    • The Point Team: Ray & Roberta Fearn
    • Waterfront Team: Diane LaMarr, Mary Hudson, Marilyn Bennett
    • Drain Field/ Septic Tank Team: Erik Swanson, Joel Kangiser
    • Encouragement & Help Team: Bob & Patty Swanson, Zenda McKenzie, Trinity Bui

The Lodge:

  • Rentals:
    • September 2021 - June 2022
      • 14 Homeowner/Family Events scheduled
    • ​Clubhouse HOA Events Scheduled
      • Four HOA Events (Sept – Dec 2021)
      • Two HOA Meetings (Sept 28 and Oct 21, 2021)
  • Exterior
    • Shrubs and trees trimmed/pruned
    • Roof rats eliminated
    • Gutter cleaning – Work party this fall
    • Fascia boards with rot – Work party will remove
    • Roof to be power washed
    • Patio and sidewalks to be power washed by work party
  • Interior
    • Deep Cleaning took place Sept 2021
    • HVAC System Inspected (Aug 2021)
    • Fire Dept. Safety & Equipment
    • Inspection (Aug 2021)
    • Smoke alarm to be installed
    • Illuminated exit sign to be installed
    • Maximum seating 150 sign to be installed
  • Volunteers Needed!
    • Oct 19, 2021 ​1:00 – 3:00 PM
      • Lodge Interior Inventory
      • Gatehouse Inventory
      • Lodge Parking lot perimeter –
      • Bulbs planted for spring

Security and Safety:

  • New recording camera ​to be installed
  • Parking at E.P. (Mtg. Oct. 21)
  • Golf Carts at E.P ​(Mtg. Oct. 21)

RV Rental Area:

  • Identify all units renting RV/boat space
  • Move units out of censor line
  • Fix alarm system (it has been a work in progress)
  • Standardize fees at $40 and $50
  • All users will pay sign contract and pay standard fees
  • Currently 20 spaces, 15 spaces taken (11 residents and 4 non-residents
  • Non-residents are either related to or know someone who lives here
  • Future Goals:
    • Install posts on each side with stretched cable
    • Delineate spaces and number them
    • Clean up lot / haul to dump
    • Install new gate locks
    • Tow units after proper notification 
    • Expand 15-20 feet toward drain field


  • Landscaping
    • Common Area Park at Corner has been cleaned up.
    • Hedge to the Dock has been cleaned up
  • Septic/Drain Field 
    • New panel installed by DrainPro for system C
    • Knotweed cutback and removed for Herbicide Treatment October 2021 weather permitting
      • (Thank you - Glen Tallman, Erik Swanson, Larry Hinshaw, Bob Swanson, Joel Kangiser)


  • There will be a number of ways that the Board will get the word out.
    • Website (MyHOA.com)
    • • Newsletter
    • • HOA Meetings
    • • First Saturday Coffee’s, 9:00-11:00 a.m.
    • • Email
    • • Porch Drop off
    • • Snail Mail – UPS
    • • Bulletin Board – Lodge Door

Joel Vranna volunteered to be on a power washing committee 


Contract and Consultation Presentation: Contract begins October 1 with MyHOA.

They are allowed 60 days to get everything up and running with MyHOA. By November 1, they will take over fully as the Association’s management company. By December 1 they will have the website up and running. Their goal is to reach as many homeowners as possible. 

There were numerous reasons why we have decided to change HOA management companies. We encourage you to talk with a Board member on our reasons to change management companies. 

Eydie and Michael Leighty presented their company. They started their own company because they saw many holes in their own HOA. They took their knowledge from their experience of working in and with HOAs and became successful through personal referrals. 

When they do a mailing, 2 are sent at no charge including postage. Anything beyond that is charged at cost per year. Many things are only charged when there are excessive requests. The charges in their contract are there to protect them. The community will always know where the money goes, meeting minutes will be posted, history of payments, history of accounts payable. Generally speaking, they get back to residents outside of business hours. It is not usual for them to answer questions and requests outside of their contracted hours. They want to be the “ma and pop shop” of HOA communities. If you have questions about the contract it will be on the website as soon as it is built and they are under contract beginning in October. 

Question: What about people that do not have ways to pay via online? Residents can make a bill payer payment through their bank and if they have been doing so, they need to update the association’s mailing’s address online. This way doesn’t require a form, they just have to set it up through their bank. The other option is to sign up for ACH in which case MyHOA I’ll automatically draft the funds from their checking account monthly. This way requires a form as they have to have written permission to initiate the transfers. To sign up for ACH send in the completed form and include a voided check to verify the routing and account numbers.  In addition other options are: mail check, cash, check, mail order. They have a Chase machine and checks are run twice a week. 

Question: What are the logistics to pay? October payment goes to NWP. November payment goes to MyHOA. If you already paid in advance, it is okay because they will get your ledger loaded in and your account will be updated. 

Question: If it is taken out of my mortgage what do I do?  Contact your mortgage company. 

Question: advertisement on website is $5/month. What is it for? It does not apply to what we have.

Question: What is your contract time?  There is a 1 year term. Then we go month to month with a 60 day option to end the contract. 

Question: If homeowners have a complaint or question, do we contact you? Yes. We will also have a board email address. When an email is sent it goes to the whole board and MyHOA.

Question: Will you take care of the audit? Yes.

Question: Funds? You will have access to it on the website every day.

Question: Reserves? Yes, you will have access. 

Question: We will be paying for 2 management companies in October? Yes, that will allow all the information and data to get transferred. 

Question: Where do you live?  On an island in Kent in the Auburn city limits. 


Michael Wager took the floor and talked about the blueprints of the community. We will upload them on MyHOA. 


Treasurer’s Report: Presented by Matt Jordan

  1. Purpose of the meeting is not to vote on the budget. If half of the membership shows up tonight to disapprove the budget then we would need to make changes, however, we do not have quorum and therefore the budget is automatically ratified. 
  2. We replaced the floats, ramps and pilings under our $50,000 budget. We can replace ⅓ of the deck boards at one time without a bid so we will do that each year. We are back on our reserves and considered high risk, we now need to build back our reserves so that we do not undergo a special assessment and cause community members to pay out of pocket for some sort of emergency.
  3. Dues are being raised by $10/month to help us get out of high risk. 
  4. We will transfer money out of our savings account to our checking account to cover 2.5 months of operating capital ready to go at any time. 
  5. Last year too much money was moved out of our reserves and that is why we were considered high. The money was scheduled to move back on December 31. 
  6. 2029 will be our turning point if we do a $10 dues increase this year and $15 a month every year after that. We will then be in low risk. 
  7. Our budget is a guess at this point because of the pandemic but is based on 3 normal years prior COVID. 
  8. We did not do the bark last year. It is scheduled to do every 3 years. We will do it in 2022. We pushed it back due to the dock. 
  9. One of the key findings this year was the cost index has risen significantly. 
  10. Home values are going up significantly starting at $500,000. 
  11. We are going by the reserve study on this budget. 
  12. Committees will help bring down costs. 
  13. We are on track for green on the Final Reserve 2021 Study Budget year 2022 and it shows that we will be on track in 2029. 
  14. Unless 51% of all owners vote “no'' the budget automatically ratifies with or without a quorum. The budget is therefore ratified.



With proxies there were over 29 votes so we had a quorum.

Joel Kangiser 27

Matt Jordan 24

Vernita Whitmore 24

Brian Dennery 9

*Brian said that we are supposed to be a 3 person Board. Patrea Fernandez said that a 3 person Board was a struggle and that it would not be serving our community’s mission. When we were a 3 person Board, you considered us “stealth,” however, we were doing everything we could to serve our community, raise young families and work full time. If it is thought that a 3 person Board did not do enough, it is because we could not. In addition, we were the only Board to work through a pandemic and therefore should be granted some grace. Empathy could go a long way and bringing negativity into our community goes against our mission. 


Unfinished Business: 

  1. Joel V asked if there can be a resolution made tonight regarding how many people can be on the Board. Joel K said that the Board would need to discuss.
  2. Will the Board consider a decal on cars? We will put this off until the next meeting.
  3. Do we have a policy for dog leashes and carrying bags?  We will postpone this concern until a later time. 
  4. Bruce Wheeler asked if the Board will be taking care of the tree trim on the street approaching our gate. Joel responded that those have not been on our radar, however, we will discuss it in a coming meeting.


New Business:

  1. Brian Dennery - will the Board assess fines for violations that the Board has been sent? (This is regarding complaints of his neighbor’s violations.) The Board will be moving forward on fines in the community once we get set up with MyHOA. 
  2. Michele Gregg - are there fines and are they enforced? We will go forward with what is in the bylaws unless they are amended once we are set up with MyHOA.


Adjourn: Michele Gregg motioned to adjourn at 9:30. All agreed.


EP HOA Directors Meeting

Called to order at 9:35

The Board officially elects Joel Kangiser as President, Mat Jordan as Treasurer and Vernita Whitmore as Board Member at Large. 

Shena made a motion that all officers stay in their current positions. All agreed. 

The Board elects Jean Kangiser as the Vice President of teams. She will not have a vote. Patrea motioned this and all were in favor. 

Adjourned at 9:40.