Eagle Point at American Lake Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Eagle Point Lodge/Clubhouse

February 6, 2022

1:00 – 4:00 PM


● Meeting called to order at 1:07PM

● Board members present: Joel Kangiser, Patrea Fernandez, Matt Jordan, Vernita Whitmore, Shena



Reading and Approval of Minutes

● Patrea read the meeting minutes from our last session, September 28, 2021, and all members


Non-Board Member Remarks

● Larry Hinshaw had questions on the agenda. The courtesy letter needs clarification.

○ If there is a violation documented with photo proof, the Board gives our managers the right

to send out a postcard telling the resident they are in violation. Courtesy letters do not

require the Board to gather to agree to it. It is not a fine, it is a courtesy notice. We have the

ability to delegate to our manager according to section 4.5 of the CC&Rs. If we are going to

fine, the manager is able to send out a letter that fines the resident if the compliance issue

was not resolved after the courtesy notice as long as there is photo documentation.

● Brian Dennery did not agree that the managers can be delegated by the Board. Joel and our manager

Eydie said it is in our CC&Rs in section 4.5. Joel and Brian began arguing and Brian assumed that

Joel told him to “shut up.” For the record, Joel did not say “shut up.” Shena cleared the conversation

by telling Brian that we are voting on giving this authority today to our manager.

● Joel opened up a new discussion on late fees. Allow the manager discretion to waive a late fee for a

single time if they have a history of always being on time. We want the manager to waive this fee

without contacting the Board. They would include if a community member accidentally misses a

payment due to life circumstances. If it is applied to all owners we do not need to change our


● Eydie said there are 2 different issues:

○ Grant MyHOA authority the discretion to waive a late fee assessed by NWP with a case by

case basis because there were some late fees that were assessed that should not have been

because they handed an owner a receipt saying that the dues were paid on time but they went

ahead and charged a late fee. MyHOA wants to be able to have the empowerment to fix

these situations for owners more quickly and not have to go back to the board for approval

when owners have been charged incorrectly.

○ “One Free Spin” everybody has a time in their life when something goes wrong and misses a

payment. MyHOA would like discretion to waive a one time late fee for exemplary

community members that miss a payment.

■ Brian Dennery stated that we would need to change the CC&Rs in order for this to

happen. Eydie responded that it is considered a variance and we do not need to

change our rules or CC&Rs for the board to grant it as long as it is applied equally to

all owners and would be unnecessary to spend the money to change our documents.

● Joel asked to move on with any other questions and Brian proceeded to talk but Joel told Brian that

other people needed a turn. Brian then told Joel to shut up. Eydie then said that Joel had the right to

ask him to leave.

● Larry Hinshaw asked if the reason why we are changing insurance companies is because MyHOA

wants us to. Joel responded no, and that we can get better coverage and it is less expensive than

what we currently have. The new policy would save us about $200 a year and volunteers would be

covered under it. We do not have that now but we have various volunteers doing projects, namely

on the lodge and we would have coverage for them. Larry said that he would prefer Eydie was

in-person. Penny asked if it would cover members from the outside, and Joel clarified that it would

be member volunteers as far as he knows but would have to look to see if it goes beyond that.

● Brian Dennery brought up that we would have to use MyHOA’s insurance because we have it on

contract. Joel responded that the whole point is “moot” because we are saving money and get better

coverage. Eydie responded also by saying that she has shown Brian in our contract multiple times

that they are not taking advantage of our HOA and that they receive no compensation for sending us

to another contractor. She believes that their clients receive better service 99% of the time using

AMFAM than what they currently have. She said they will not make us change insurances unless it

is beneficial to us. Regardless of what the contract says, the Board is deciding in this meeting if we

want to change insurances. The change is based on the cost and the coverage and not what the

contract says. Brian continued to bring up the contract and Joel reminded him that this is a Board

meeting and we needed to discuss these issues that were being brought up. Eydie told Brian that he

already had his turn to speak and then he told her to shut up. It is noted that Joel warned Brian

Dennery to stop telling people to shut up.

● Patrea asked to move to the next topic on the agenda.

● Larry wants us to stop procrastinating on issues coming from the survey. It should only take the

Board 10 days to make a change and already 30 days have passed since the survey results.

● Brian Dennery wanted to bring up another topic but our time was limited and we needed to move on

through the agenda. Board meetings by law are for observation and not for constant batter amongst

the owner. It is noted before we move on that you have to be recognized by the chairman before you


● Status Report by MyHOA

● Update on new management. Status report and discussion of any general issues.

● Registration and use of website

● Status Report by MyHOA. As of this morning, the person that owes the association the most

amount of money sent in a check today.

● We have 35 of our 55 members that are registered on the new website. A number of them are

already participating in the Facebook group.

● We will have a number of things that we will be voting on today so we will be making a lot of


● They continue to add new features on the website almost daily.

● The finances on the website are not complete because we are missing financial statements from

NWP, but they have said that Columbia is starting to send those statements so we are making

progress. We did receive the accounts payable from them in a general ledger format but we are

missing everything after August for monthly financials and bank statements and we also do not

have the final check from them. We are hopeful that we will have the remainder of proceeds by

certified mail early next week. Once they get the rest of the statements to prove the account has

been closed and all the rest of the financials, they will finish out that part of the website due to

need of accurate numbers.

New Business

● Issue 14016: New dollar amount to charge for RV spaces.

● The contract is in the paperwork that Joel sent the Board members in hard copy form. It

was written by a legal council. Joel motioned to approve the contract, and the Board was

in favor.

● The prices prior to the contract were not equal. Now in order to use the RV lot, you need

a contract with MyHOA and also paying regular dues.

● It is proposed that we charge $40 for the smaller vehicles and $55 for the larger vehicles.

In surrounding lots this is less than half of what someone would be charged.

● Matt Jordan took the floor, according to local research, the average of everything locally

is much higher than what we are charging. He would like the Lot financials to be

solvent. It should not cost the association a bunch of money but not need to earn the

association money. Matt said we would need to do more research in order to find a

solvent price. Matt said that when a part of the lot was structured it was a big hit to the

overall reserves. He believes that we should fix the rates to actual cost. Joel suggested

actual cost plus what we need to make improvements on the lot.

● Joel said the existing alarm system is no longer being made, so we may not be able to get


● Eydie thinks we should put any extra funds from the lot into the reserve fund. What we

commit to today does not tie us to it for a full year. We are able to go back and charge

residents missing assessments.

● Matt said that there was a $16,000 charge a few years ago. If we want to pay it off in 8

years that would put us at $2,000 a year which our monthly fees would cover, however,

we need to consider the alarm system and utilities. He also thinks that the fees left over

from the $16,000 debt should go towards a budget that is set aside just for the

maintenance of the RV lot. Eydie does not recommend this because it is an asset of the

community just like the lodge. She recommends charging a fair amount.

● Joel motions to make the fees $40 for smaller vehicles and $55 for the larger vehicles.

The board approved, however Matt Jordan abstained.

● Larry asked what is the effective date? We tabled his question for the end because we

should not break our meeting.

● It is likely that it will be effective in March depending on when we can get the contracts

out to everybody, according to Eydie. We will continue to charge what was assessed to

those owners in the past.

● Issue 13882: Remove assessment potentially in error for RV lot.

● MyHOA would like our permission to correct the charge for the correct people renting.

Shena motioned and the Board approved.

● Eydie would like the Board to make a blanket vote for MyHOA to go back 6 years to

assign correct assessments for those residents not being charged correctly. The Board

was hesitant to go that far back. At some point it was a fault of the Board and NWP so

we have to own up to part of that. Eydie said she thinks we would only need to go a few

years back, however. Joel thinks we should go back to 2021. Eydie thinks we should

make it fair and go all the way back. We will table this conversation to our executive

board meeting.

● Issue 13828: Allow manager discretion on issuing violation courtesy letters.

● When there is a violation, the first thing that goes out is a postcard (courtesy letter). If it

is not remedied in 10 days then they receive a violation letter. The Board would see that

violation before MyHOA sends out the postcard. Joel made a motion to allow MyHOA

to send the card without Board vote. The Board approved.

● Issue 13835: Allow manager discretion on late fees under NWP, case-by-case.

● MyHOA would like discretion to allow waiving late fees if residents can provide

evidence. The Board motioned this and approved.

● Vote to authorize a single waiver of late fee for members with exemplary record of payment.

● Discussion on a vote to allow a single waiver for residents with exemplary record of

payment. Matt suggested we do every 2 years to define exemplary.

● Motion is to allow the manager discretion to waive a late fee on a case by case basis

effectively if the resident is exemplary for 24 months (of no late fees assessed). The

Board approved this motion.

● Vote to change reserve study company

● We’ve used Association Reserve in the past but Eydie recommends using Cedcore who

is more reliable and provides higher value and a lower dollar amount.

● No mention with the gutters was made by Association Reserve. The reserve company

should have seen it but we couldn’t get it into the budget. In addition the dock was not

accurately described by our current reserve company prolonging our dock project. The

reserve study should provide us with accurate costs, and we did not receive that with the


● A motion was made to change our reserve study company to Ced Core. The Board was

in favor.

● Vote to change insurance policy and carrier.

● It looks comprehensive.

● With our current policy the primary is always the individual. They don’t pay anything

until the primary has been paid. We need to have our volunteers covered. Joel went

through the limitations and liability’s and those are mostly directed towards businesses

and do not apply to our HOA. There were no red flags. We would be saving roughly

$200 a year. Eydie’s HOAs all use this AMFAM company and policy. They have had

high success with this company. It looks like we would have better coverage with

AMFAM. The biggest question would be the debris removal if the dock or lodge have a

disaster. It is unsure if natural disaster is covered separately or if it is included in the

proposed amount. It is suggested that we vote today and if we need to add natural

disaster coverage later, then we can. Eydie will look into this.

● A motion was made to change our current insurance provider to AMFAM. The Board

approved, and Matt Jordan abstained.

● Survey results and draft rules on golf carts and parking issues.

● What process do we want to use to put rules in place?

● It is recommended to get community feedback on the verbiage of the rules through

coffee chats and email. Our coffee meet is March 12th.

● Joel will get out these rules and suggest some dates for a special meeting to vote.

● Rules will be proposed to the members at a special meeting for drivers in motorized

vehicles to be licensed.

● Illegally parked vehicles should be towed at owners expense after being given a written


● Lodge repair – Review bids on repair of gutter system and rot problems. Vote on purchasing

fascia and work party doing the replacement

● We have several quotes.

● The gutters that were existing were in boxes. The boxes were removed. We will have the

same rot problem if we incase them in boxes again. Fortunately the rot has not gotten

into the rafters. Larry, Joel and others in the community feel comfortable pulling out the

end caps. We can save the HOA at least $2000 by doing it ourselves. It is recommended

that we use dry cedar rough cut for the new fascia board. Getting the fascia board on

there is not complicated.

● A motion is made to give Joel and his work party permission to replace fascia and end

caps on the lodge fascia provided they are properly covered on our insurance company

not to exceed $1,200. The Board approved.

● Leaf Guard is 2x as much as other bids but was the most attractive company.

● Brian Dennery recommends we have as little maintenance on the lodge as possible. He

has had LeafGuard for 3 years with no issues. If it gets clogged, then Leaf Guard comes

and fixes it whereas going with a regular gutter system would make us hire someone to

come out once a year.

● Other quotes did not offer the low maintenance like LeafGuard. The Board would like

Joel to try to lower his price. They have already given us a discount for seniors or

veterans but another discount is suggested. Joel will contact Ray from LeafGuard. We

won’t take a vote on this point. We prefer a system like LeafGuard but it takes a big

chunk out of our budget (but will save us more money over time) We will table this vote

at the time. Larry said that you are going to get what you pay for. We will vote for this


● RV Lot – Review new contracts, fee structure, etc.

● We already discussed this in the meeting.

● Announce Scott Nelson as overseeing the lot team.

o Need to vote on new fee structure (see issue 14016, above). We as a Board will get the

contract signed but Scott will be the lead outside of that relieving Joel of some stress.

● Consider Agency agreement with Lakewood police (allows Lakewood Police to arrest and

prosecute trespassers).

● It is suggested that a sign is put up that includes no loitering, unauthorized vehicles

prohibited, a lot reserved for the exclusive use of residents of the property, and no

trespassing. We can vote on this at a special meeting after getting feedback from the

community. If the police see this then they are given more power to arrest in our

premises giving them the power to enforce the trespass law. Propose this to send this out

in written form to the residents then discuss it at our coffee meet then vote for it at the

special meeting.

● Purchase cameras and recorder for gatehouse.

● We purchased one but it does not read the car licenses. The cost on a new recommended

one is $560 plus tax.

● A motion is made to allow Joel to purchase the Watch Dog DWVaone41T with 4

cameras and recorders with installation done by us and not to exceed $700. The Board


As we were getting ready to go into Executive Session, Brian Dennery apologized to the Board and

non-Board members who were present for his earlier remarks. He said something to the effect that

he appreciates the Board’s work, but he does have his opinions. He then repeated his apology. The

Board thanked him for apologizing.


Executive session to discuss legal matters regarding management and collection measures and Reconvened open session, Vote on issues from Executive Session (need the vote info here in generalities)


A new session is re-convened at 3:55


● Brian recommends: go ahead and post the police sign, we go with the easiest maintenance for the

gutters, RV Lot - 6 years is over kill because those giving out the contract should be liable.

● A motion is made to authorize an attorney to send a demand letter to collect association assets. The

Board approved.

● A. Does the COVID regulations affect collection? Eydie said no because that is lifted.

● A motion is made to give MyHOA the authority to go back and assess RV lot fees that have not

been paid up to and including 6 years ago. The Board approved.

● US Flag has been complained about twice. The flag has since been displayed correctly since our

agenda went out. We should put in our rules and regulations that are followed state law. Let’s table

this issue until a future occurrence.

● Loose piling will be repaired by Evans Marine on the floating dock in the next month.

● Tree trimming on Boundary street needs to be put in our coming budget in 2023.

● Removal of old piers and piling in the lake needs to be looked into.

● Street stripe painting in our parking lot and down by the boat launch is recommended. We could put

it in our next budget but Shena has a machine we could try using

● Make a motion for Joel to purchase signs to replace deteriorating ones to not exceed $300. The

Board approves.

● The meeting is adjourned at 4:16pm